More than just a dish

Everybody knows that Hippos love food. Our culinary specialists take that love to another level. To us a recipe is not just a list of ingredients. We bring soul to our recipes. It’s not just creating an image or a film. Food and drinks to us are symbols of love when words are inadequate. In our culinary studios in Arnhem we knead, pickle, roll, bake, grill, drip, peel, bread, flambé, puff all day long.

The belly rules the mind

Whether it is shooting late night comfort food, bottled poetry, an extensive menu for Christmas family dinner or your Sunday morning hangover breakfast… we believe nothing more is blissful than creating perfect images that make you hungry or thirsty. That make you crave for more. After all, the belly rules the mind right?!

Working with Hippos food specialists is like a four-star menu. The courses of a production in our in-house food studios and CGI department are carefully composed by connoisseurs. Our image makers, stylists and producers share a common inappeasable passion for food and drinks.



In-house ingredients and tools

Working with Hippos Culinary team and facilities is a real festive dinner.

Modular Kitchen sets for lifestyle

2 Professional kitchens

Various Tabletop settings

Postproduction facilities (CGI and Edit)

Food Styling & Prop department

Packaging specialists

Our work
Get to know us
Looking for a bunch of enthusiastic, hip hop loving, wisecracking, professional know-it-alls to work with? Give us a call or simply drop by for a chat over coffee or drinks. We promise you it won’t be boring.