It’s in the air
Baking, roasting, grilling, frying. All possible with this little kitchen miracle. Without oil. With hot air. Inventum asked our food specialists to produce a short and catchy film in which all ingenious features are presented in a tasty way. We gourmands don’t say no to that!
We won’t beat around the bush. Hippos love food. That’s why we went all out for this shoot. We built an entire kitchen in our film studio. And to really make a deep dive in the device, we sawed 1 in half and put a camera in it. Sorry about that Inventum. Pure necessity for the ultimate result.
It’s getting
hot in
On the menu
Product video
Packshots in situ
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CG stills & video
Ever wondered what it’d be like if your kitchen appliances had their own blockbuster movie? Well, so did Inventum, and they knew just the herd to call—us, your friendly neighborhood Hippo Creative Studios!
We took Inventum’s sleek and stylish appliances and gave them the CGI treatment, placing them in a modular CG kitchen that’s as versatile as a Swiss Army knife.
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