Hippo Creative Studios, in a lively collaboration with Maandag® and The Family, has launched an innovative AI-driven portrait campaign that turns the typical Monday gloom on its head.
This vibrant series of AI-generated portraits showcases the diversity and energy of the modern workplace. Forget the old, dull corporate images; our approach brings a fresh, energetic vibe to every Monday, setting a positive tone for the week ahead.

to Cool


Save smartly,
create brilliantly.
With AI technology, we bypass the costly and complicated traditional photoshoots. Our customized portraits are versatile, ready to enhance everything from job ads to blogs, without the hassle of recurring buy-outs.
This intelligent approach not only saves money but also ensures each portrait maintains high quality, providing excellent value for money.
Our versatile approach can be customized for any industry or company, promising to shift perceptions of Mondays and revolutionize visual branding. This technique is ideal for businesses eager to refresh their image and enhance their messaging.
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