Something to sink your teeth in

Something to sink your teeth in


Concordix… Their company name sounds like they could be building airplanes or spaceships. But they’re not. They make vitamins and food supplements. To be more exact: chewable vitamins and food supplements. For kids, but also for grown ups who have trouble swallowing ‘normal’ tablets. They are absolutely loaded with active ingredients. So you’ll only need one a day. Which is kind of a shame because they taste so great.


What’s so great about these films? Well first of all, the whole team got to work on it. Editing, color grading, but also 2D AND 3D motion design and 3D packaging. This truly was a team effort. Oh, and in the concepting phase we were allowed to go all out. Creating films in which we visualize the USP’s of these chewables as well as immediately attract attention.




Jorrit Stollman


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