Dive into the Carpetright universe where every home makeover is a blockbuster hit, and we’re rolling out the red carpet with Roos Reedijk in the starring role. Our full episodes are the main event – a blend of style, function, and a dash of drama, showcasing Carpetright’s flair for transforming spaces.
Click here to watch our full episodes and witness ordinary spaces turn into extraordinary havens of style and comfort!
Before you dive into the full series, let the cutdowns spark your curiosity – a peek into the amazing home transformations Carpetright offers.
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We go beyond just showing beautiful rooms. Our cameras also focus on the experts at Carpetright – the skilled teams who measure and install, ensuring every detail is perfect.
By combining engaging video with revealing photography, we tell the complete story of how Carpetright transforms homes, from the initial ideas to the final, breathtaking reveal.
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