Step into the future of outdoor living with Hippo Creative Studios and GAMMA. We’ve planted seven CGI gardens, each a lush, digital masterpiece highlighting GAMMA’s products like never before. No more simple sketches – we’ve elevated the experience with lifelike imagery so detailed, you can almost feel the sunshine on your face.
Infusing AI with our artistic flair, we’ve achieved hyper-realistic images where GAMMA’s products not only appear alive but virtually bloom, stirring up visions of your dream garden paradise.
Plant once,
harvest plenty
And there’s more growing on this creative vine. Our ‘Create once, use many’ philosophy is nurturing future projects where these static images will evolve into moving stories. Get ready to experience GAMMA’s gardens in videos that are as engaging as nature itself. Hippo Creative Studios presents GAMMA’s digital paradises: a gateway to the great outdoors at your fingertips.
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