A great bedtime story
Did you know that Hippos sleep 16 hours a day? That’s why we appreciate a good bed and comfortable matrass. And did you know that Morgana makes the best beds and matrasses in the northern and southern hemisphere? We were lucky enough to team up with Morgana and think of their strategic brand positioning and come up with real stories and honest tv ads. Yes, we thought we were dreaming too!
Yes, we thought we were dreaming too!
Morgana doesn’t do ‘one size fits all’ sleep solutions. They make it personal. It starts with your sleep DNA. They measure weight, length and body shape to adjust the bed to your body. And that’s what separates them from the competitors. Because every Morgana bed is one of a kind.


We could’ve told this story ourselves, but we found out that people who bought a Morgana bed and matrass are so excited that we decided to let them do the talking. The result? Tv ads, online videos and stories for social that are not scripted, with real clients and honest words.


Now that’s a great bedtime story!
Ever heard of your sleep DNA?
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