Where everybody knows your name

Where everybody knows your name


Remember the tv series Cheers? About that bar in Boston… “where everybody knows your name” and “they’re always glad you came.” Well, Bouwmaat is like that. A home away from home for independent builders and contractors all across the country. Working hard to make sure the roof over our heads doesn’t leak and water comes out of the tap. Day in, day out… they’re up early to go to their local Bouwmaat store to get their supplies, check out a new power tool or just catch up and ask for some advice, or a cup of coffee. That’s what they can count on. That’s Bouwmaat. And that’s the essence of this awesome brand film.


We teamed up with our good friends of NewAmsterdam for the whole enchilada. From pitch to premiere. This was a team effort from the get-go. We brainstormed, we video called, we worked till late, we laughed, and yes… sometimes we cried. With director Juliette Stevens at the helm we managed to get this production in a safe port on time. And with an end result we are all very proud of.




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