Zen master
Did you know that Hippos can’t jump? But our producers can do just about anything else. Organize, multi-task, chase creatives, manage client expectations, make transparent cost estimations, keep a project within budget and deadline… They not only keep the whole thing from going off the rails but are a key element in its success.


So do you never show up late at appointments? Are you always prepared? Even for the unexpected? Organize your whole life in bullet journals and checklists? Then you could be the one were looking for! And it helps if you’re really passionate about Film, photography, animation and CGI… But what should really float your boat is managing several projects at once and still being the calm zen master in a turbulent, creative environment.

Oh, and it helps if you tick off most of these boxes:


  • At least 3 years of experience in a client-facing producer role within a production agency.
  • You have a degree in Media and Entertainment Management (MEM), Creative Business or something similar
  • Solid understanding of both production and post production requirements.
  • Excellent people skills, you have a high level of cuddliness.
  • Exceptional communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Experience with project management platforms is an advantage.
  • You are a real numerical nerd. Your projects are just as waterproof as if they were your cashbook at home.
  • You have a full drivers license, expect some driving to clients and locations.
  • You are a fluent in English and a native Dutch speaker.
  • Last but not least: you remain calm under pressure and deliver your work at a consistently high standard.
Sound like your kind of gig? Then send us an email and tell us what makes you a Hippo. And you might be the one to join our herd!