3D artist (sept. 21)
Do you eat and breathe in 3D? And want to know all the ins and outs of content production? And want to go on a safari with us?
If you’re currently studying Communication & Multimedia Design or something similar and you’re looking for an adventurous internship, just give us a call!


You will be working together in our little herd of motion designers, editors and 3D artists based in lovely Velp. Blender will be your weapon of choice to create detailed, high quality 3D models. In addition, you’ll work on photorealistic interior and lifestyle images as well as animations to make productions look as visually attractive as possible. That’s a lot of fancy words to say: we expect you to blow us away with sh!t that looks awesome. No pressure…


Hippo’s are lovable creatures, but we can move quickly and take surprising turns. So to keep up with us, you’ll have to be enthusiastic, curious and energetic. Oh, and wicked dance moves or a sly sense of humor are much appreciated. Your language skills in Dutch and English should be excellent, and an interest in film, art and design has never hurt anyone.


Still reading this? Then you must be motivated to join our team, interested in what it could bring you and/or fascinated by our copywriting skills. Anyway, get in touch with us and we could talk some more. We have fulfilled this position for the upcoming intern period; starting in February; but are open for applications for internships starting in September.