Video Editor
Premiere Pro addict
You can’t polish a turd… But you can roll it in glitter! As an editor you’ll have to be able to work with whatever comes out of the camera. So, if making awesome videos from raw footage is what you live for, then get your tail over here because we are looking for new, talented Hippos!


As an editor you’ll be working alongside motion designers slash CGI generalists slash hard working, hiphop loving, wisecracking film nerds. They will teach you all there is to know on how to tell a story by chopping up scenes and sticking them back together. You will also be working on animations and helping to create concepts that will not only blow our clients minds, but help them to realize their goals. Not an easy task, but hey… who said life was easy anyway?

Here’s one of those boring lists of things we think you should have / know / own / borrow / love:

  • Dutch speaking is required, being proficient in English is a nice bonus.
  • You should have at least three years of working experience in the video editing field.
  • A positive outlook on life, and energetic work ethic would be great.
  • If you don’t love film, then what are you doing as an editor anyway?
  • Adobe Premiere Pro should be the first thing you think of, when you wake up.
  • And if you have recurring dreams featuring Adobe After Effects, Davinci Resolve or Photoshop you should either get professional help, or apply for this job (or maybe both).
  • In closing, it helps if you can handle deadlines, overly demanding creative directors and stressed out producers breathing down your neck.
What do we bring to the table? Well, the chance to work in a driven team of professional nut jobs. Doing awesome projects for both big and small clients. And if you’re interested in more than just editing, chances are there will be plenty of opportunities to dip your toe in motion design or other fields.
So, if you’re interested, just send us an email and tell us about yourself. And if you have a showreel, please don’t hesitate to show us. Sharing is caring!