3D artist
Pixel perfectionist
Are you experienced… Okay, so you’re probably too young to recognize this as a Jimi Hendrix lyric. But if you did… respect!
Anyway, we are looking for a 3D artist with a kick-ass portfolio. That doesn’t have to mean that you’ve got a couple of years under your belt working at an agency. It might just mean that you’re fresh out of school but that you live, eat and breathe in 3D. Your work and your personality are the important part here.


You will be working together in our herd of motion designers, editors and 3D artists based in Arnhem. Blender will be your weapon of choice to create detailed, high quality 3D models. In addition, you’ll make photorealistic interior and lifestyle images as well as animations to make productions look as visually attractive as possible. That’s a lot of fancy words to say: we expect you to blow us away with sh!t that looks awesome. No pressure…

What vacancy text would be complete without a list of requirements, right? Here’s ours:
– A kick-ass portfolio. Despite all those lovely words you will write down on paper, your renders are worth thousands of them.
– A degree in 3D, ART or equivalent work experience gained in a visualization studio.
– Able to model, unwrap, texture and shade in Cycles renderer using Blender.
– Some experience with Unreal Engine/Unity/Substance/Quixel is a plus.
– Adobe Suite and you should be like best friends who have no secrets for each other.
– A natural curiosity and a willingness to get your hands dirty.
– An eye for detail, a methodical workflow and an obsession for making beautiful designs.
– Able to find a balance in being stubborn enough to defend the work you make, but open minded enough to accept positive direction.
What you can expect from us? Besides a creative work place, great coffee and an excellent taste in music? Well, you’ll get the chance to work in a driven team of professional nut jobs. Doing awesome, multi-discipline projects for both big and small clients.
So, if you’re still reading this and still interested, just send us an email to tell us about yourself and show us some of the work you’re most proud of. And who knows, you might become a Hippo too!