Slow down with high speed
“If you just focus on the smallest details, you never get the big picture right.” Yeah right… For our latest production we flew in some ‘big picture’ equipment to focus on the smallest details. Yes, we are talking about a high speed filmshoot!

Commissioned by Giesbers Retail, we produced a series of commercials for PLUS private label, in a sense that you can almost taste the products.
With the icing on the cake added by our 3D department who took care of the product animations.
If you just focus on the smallest details, you never get the big picture right
To achieve these tantalizing shots, we used high-speed film technology. Shooting food and drinks up close by using 938 frames per second [yes we even counted them]. Each shot was calculated in detail, using gear that Stanley Kubrick would have been jealous of.


Our 3D department delivering the icing on the cake with specially developed product animations. By using product renders instead of product photography, we were able to efficiently create animated product end shots.
Agency: Giesbers Retail
Client: Plus Retail: Nieske van der Meer, Marloes Bras-van der Werf, Okke Wiarda
Concept: Jasper Roks, Martine Hogervorst, Floris Cornelissen
Art director: Jasper Roks, Josje Kolenbrander
Copywriter: Floris Cornelissen, Chantal van Welsem-Janssen
Account: Anne-Marie van Sanen, Vera ter Horst
Executive Producer: Stephan Bais
Producer: Kate Ubbink, Floortje Gerritsen
Director: Jorrit Stollman
3D modeling: David ter Horst, Daniël Klapwijk
Animation: Jelle Fokkens
Editor: Gideon Hornberger
Colorist: Efraim Gons
D.O.P.: Mick van Rossum
Food styling/sfx: Cees Visser
Sound: Studio Alfred Klaassen
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