First off, did you know that hippos are actually related to whales and dolphins? It’s true! These majestic creatures are part of the cetacean family, which also includes some of the most beloved and iconic animals of the sea.
And speaking of fun family connections, did you know that Leen Bakker has a brand ambassador with an aunty who’s ready for an interieur upgrade? Well, they do! Hippo Creative Studios has created a series of online videos specifically designed for mobile viewing. These videos will showcase all the affordable solutions that Leen Bakker has to offer to make her home a cozy and comfortable place to be.
Family first!
Design for
Our team filmed these social clips in our own studios, where we built two large living room and bedroom settings to show off all the different options for sofas, box springs, window decoration, and curtains. In total, we’ll be delivering four videos as part of this campaign. So if you love family and want to give your home a little makeover, be sure to check out these videos and see what Leen Bakker has to offer!
To give you a sneak peek of how it’s made, check out the video below. This is the fly-over for the set design we made for this shoot. We created and styled three different rooms within our very own studio.
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