Best friends forever
Hippos are social animals. You often see a bloat of Hippos searching for food; baking in the sun and enjoying each other’s company. But they are also sensitive animals, dare to show their emotions and taking care for each other in difficult moments.
It is no different for our two best friends from Wibra. We produced these tv-ads that tell the story of two friends who must deal with everyday situations. And where necessary, Wibra lends them a hand, with everyday affordable products.
Anne en Fedoua
BFFs <3
Our friends Anne and Fedoua are best friends and know each other like no other. They stand up for each other, regularly give each other a present and come together for coffee, which of course includes a self-baked cake. Anne even knits a sweater for her best friend. These commercials show us with a touch of awkward humor that this does not always goes smoothly.
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