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Simple sounds simple but is harder than complex
A wise Hippo
“So what is OMNYO?”, we hear you thinking. Well, it’s a kind of magic, or as the peeps at OMNYO say: ‘a workflow automation tool’. Eh… Right. This piece of magic tooling allows you to create content very easily, very fast and very efficient. Oh and it’s very simple too. Even your mother-in-law can create awesome content with this tool.
Have you ever heard of OMNYO? No? Neither did we. And that’s why we helped them with an explanatory video and some simple animations. However, ‘simple’ sounds simple but is harder than complex. So we created a video which is kind of an elevator pitch and helped them out with some quirky animations on their website. To put it simply we made OMNYO look real simple.
We created a video which is kind of an elevator pitch
Color palette
Dark grey
Light grey
Medium royal blue
What did the Hippos do?
Oh that’s simple. We created the animations, did the 2D motion design and edited the video. Just your regular piece of magic. By the way, did you know that we’ve used the word ‘simple’ seven times already? Yeah, you knew!
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