Jr. Carpenter
Handy Sally
Our Jr. Carpenter is not only good with his hands and tools but has a high sense of design as well. You have all foreseeing carpenter’s eyes that see what needs to be done before it needs to be done.


You will learn from the master himself. Together with our Sr. Carpenter you work on various projects that are used for e-commerce clips, how-to films, social videos, TV commercials and lifestyle photography.
For these productions, the decor is all yours: you produce all the parts yourself, build what needs to be built and provide the finishing touch when needed. Lighting, space, finish and specific details for authenticity play a major role in this. Make it look old, new, high end or studently, your creations look just like the real thing.


You consult with the production teams of both film and photography. You give your professional or unpolished opinion and feedback regarding the designs that art direction and styling have created. Together with our Sr. Carpenter, you put together the ultimate set.


You do your work such as carpentry work, wallpapering walls, flooring floors and painting work for complete sets such as living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and sometimes even a garden. You prepare these activities in our own workshop in our studios, but sometimes also on location. During shoots you contribute if necessary. Then you are part of our crew. When the film or photo shoot is over, you can neatly dismantle the set, like it was never there! Magic!

Besides we do not have to explain you need a screwdriver for screws and a hammer for nails, see if you check these boxes as well:


  • You have a degree in carpeting / woodworking / stage construction.
  • A carpentry workshop has no secrets for you.
  • SYou have up to date knowledge of different (wood construction) machines.
  • If at first you don’t succeed, you’ll get a bigger hammer.
  • If you know how to weld you have an advantage.
  • You have high sense of design and creation; you always have the bigger picture in mind.
  • You can make everything from a drawing.
  • You are interested in photography- and film processes and associated techniques.
  • Hands on mentality! You are a hard worker, alone and in a team.
  • A tidy workplace is one of your daily goals.
  • You are an equal sparring partner for our content creators.
  • You have a strong drive to achieve the best results.
  • You are curious about the latest developments in the field.
  • You have good communication skills.
  • You remain calm under pressure.
Does this sound like a job that hits the nail on the head? … Then send us an email and tell us what makes you a Hippo. And you might the one to join our herd!