Creative director
Stubborn gatekeeper
It’s a jungle out there… And in here it isn’t much different. Producers are chasing you and deadlines are lurking in the bushes to eat you alive! But don’t worry. Hippos are chunky, but surprisingly fast and strong-willed. Here at Hippo we create content in all shapes and sizes, for any digital platform. TV commercials, photography, 3D animation, AR, VR and beyond. We bust our tails for international brands as well as creative agencies. And make sure we all have fun along the way.


Currently we are on the lookout for an energetic, creative director with a wicked sense of humor. You are a born leader capable of guiding and inspiring our herd of creatives through the treacherous jungle on a day-to day basis.

You will be in charge off, but also work together with the team to create jaw-dropping visual content. For this, it is vital to know how they work. A film and photography studio feels like your natural habitat. Your treatments and direction are tight as a drum. To help your fellow Hippos making the magic happen.

With strong pitching and presentation skills, you can represent us by showcasing our credentials, capabilities, culture and working model to clients and agencies. During shoots you are our guardian of all concepts and ideas making sure the results exceed both your and our client’s expectations.


So ask yourself one question… “Can I kick it?”

What we expect from you:

  • You have at least 5 years of experience in directing photography, film, and motion design productions.
  • You are an experienced director with proven cases in the field of content for agencies, large corporates, and retail clients.
  • You know how to convert our clients’ needs into commercial opportunities.
  • You have excellent command of the Dutch and English language.
  • You’re a self-motivated team player who tops technical artistry with strong social and leadership skills.
  • You’re able to name at least three 80’s hiphop tracks. If you’re able to recite the lyrics of these songs by heart, you’ll almost certainly have this job in the bag.

  • Significant professional and creative growth of Hippo; Let’s make
    Hippo an award-winning content production studio
  • Contributes to a professional and fun to work environment where creativity, personal development, structure, and professionalism are of paramount importance.
And of course…

  • You will be joining a young and eager team, working hard to be the best of the best in content creation.
  • Excellent secondary employment conditions, including a solid pension plan.
  • Did we mention fun?
  • The possibility to further develop your skills, through courses and such.
  • In short, you will be able to make your friends jealous with the work you’ll do, the fun you’ll have and the awards you’ll win.